grey wolf

I woke up this morning thinking about bacon…..and salivating.  The only time my man and I cook bacon is when we are camping…unless we have a really good year in the garden, but more on that in another post!

If you have ever spent the night in a campground, you know that the smell of bacon drifts through the park from sun up until about noon.  It drapes itself over the cool morning breeze like a wonderful fuzzy blanket.  The TSC members are usually gathered together mid-morning to share coffee and some early morning conversation about the wonderful time we had the evening prior.  There is some discussion of hangovers and the need for asprin, or a bloody mary if hair of the dog is needed.  The member who is cooking brunch begins to fry the delightful treat and we add our own glorious aroma to the already blanketed campground.

Accompaniments to bacon do matter to our group, even though this delicacy can certainly stand alone.  One fine, cool morning last fall, we had fresh pears covered with crumbled bran muffins, butter and cinnamon.  They were wrapped in foil and cooked directly over the fire.  Add a little fresh goat cheese and some crisp bacon and as we say “that’s got good all over it!”  It was honestly one of the best breakfasts I have ever had.

So, it really isn’t unusual for me to wake up at home thinking of bacon.  It is probably that I’m just ready for the next trip so I can be covered in the warm blanket of bacon.

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