Mother Nature

Beautiful Day 2

We recently headed out for the annual fall gathering of the TSC bound for our favorite Autumn spot.  It had been months since we had been able to hook up our little 17 footer and hit the road for another adventure.  Life had sort of taken control as it can do from time to time.  Of course, I’m not complaining as our summer had been spent selling our home of 17 years and moving into the place of our dreams….which ain’t a bad deal!  I gladly put my camping gear on the back burner to settle into the place where I will someday bask in the glow of long-awaited retirement.

The last few months had been quite stressful; moving is awful, even if it is to your dream spot.  On top of that, my career took a much needed turn and I started a new job.  Needless to say, we were long overdue for some campfire time with our much-missed friends.  I planned my portion of the meals and had an ice chest filled with goodies;  I was prepared.

The past four months had seen little or no rain with temperatures nearing 100 more often than not.  The fall had little promise of being anything spectacular either.  As we traveled I-20 East, I noticed many of the pines were actually dead; looking like burned match sticks from lack of moisture during the toasty summer.  The temperatures had not gotten below 60 yet and the gorgeous fall colors were nowhere in site.  I was hesitantly optimistic.

Beautiful Day

Of course, our favorite spot is so lovely even without the glorious oranges and yellows of prior years, and the water was at an all-time low.  It did feel really great to back our home-on-wheels onto the lakeside site for some much needed feasting and fellowship.


One memorable morning I planned to prepare a camp favorite, huevos rancheros (ranch eggs).  I researched some recipes and came across one that sounded particularly delish.  Let the preparations begin….and the bloody mary’s!


There is something so fundamental to our existence about sitting together and preparing a meal.  Reading the recipe, talking of loved ones, recent travels, and life in general become a valuable ingredient to a tasty camp-side meal.

Eggs 1EggsServing em upEnjoy

What a morning!  The spice of the bloody mary and the heat of the breakfast were the perfect compliment to the strong breezes that were blowing in the impending wet weather.

Rain was not the only thing Mother Nature invited to our gathering on this particular weekend!  She invited ants….and they came from far and wide.  For those who have never camped, ants are truly an unwelcome visitor to the party.  They invade everything in the cabinets, the trash can, the all spots in between.  Even with spray and constant cleaning, the little devils take up residence and aren’t prepared to leave anytime soon.

As we drove away one day earlier than expected with a garbage bag of rain-drenched, ant-covered laundry, we decided that it would be a good time to enjoy the comforts of our new, wonderful home in the burbs.  We bid farewell to our precious friends….promising to gather again soon at our favorite beach spot.  We will see you next fall Roosevelt, and we will be more prepared for the unwelcome party guests!

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