The Best Medicine


Isn’t it funny that when you think of some of the times in your life that you felt your best overall was when you were happy. On the other hand, when life occasionally gives us a raw deal we felt our worst….physically and mentally! Happiness is the best medicine, along with a huge dose of laughter. This is one of the joys of membership in the TSC.   An abundance of happiness and laughter are almost a guarantee.


Our most recent trip was no exception. We initiated some new folks on this trip and their membership was passed with flying colors. This was our largest group to date….10 joyful souls ready for a weekend of lots of fun and much-needed medicine.



Dauphin Island was the destination and the weather, although cool and windy, was just beautiful and clear. The campground was filled with the annual snowbirds from all across the country and we really made our presence known and created lots of interest in our group. Of course we circled the wagons in our favorite spots….sort of off in the back under a huge live oak.  The perfect place for this rowdy, fun-loving group of friends.




The weekend was a fest of fine food, with a huge side of belly laughs, great stories and more fun than should be legal.  I don’t know about you, but this is how I want to live the rest of my life…with great friends, sharing wonderful eats, great drinks and a huge dose of the best medicine.


The wagons will be circling again, heading to a new spot in North Mississippi.  Another adventure….another chance to recharge the batteries with some of the best people I know.  Members of the club….our posse……our friends!

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