The Autumn Leaves


I have three cousins who are amazing singers.  When I was a kid and they would come for the holidays and we would all gather around while they sang.  Autumn Leaves was one of the songs they performed and I was always moved to tears from the beauty of their voices.

Mother Nature has a way of doing that to me with her version of Autumn Leaves.  The beauty of what she gives us in the fall is astounding.  This is one reason the Traveling Supper Club has made a commitment to make the first week of November a sort of annual pilgrimage to Mother Nature.


The group joining us on this trip are all about nature, so we spent the majority of our time on the water or in the woods.  It was the maiden voyage for our new canoe and we know now it will be a well-used addition to our camping equipment.


Food wasn’t at the top of the agenda for this particular trip….although we did have some mighty-fine eats.  We always do.  Let’s just say camping without bacon is not camping.


The hubs and I have had a particularly stressful summer.  Hot, hot weather, not so great health and just an overall blah cloud hanging overhead.  Don’t get me wrong, life always has its redeeming moments throughout the year, but a chance to reconnect with the Mother always does a body good.

The first morning at Lake Lowndes State Park in Columbus, Mississippi started with a quiet meditation with my darling friend Kim followed by a five-mile hike in the woods with all of our dear friends in tow.  It was a shot in the arm we all needed.  Campfires were prohibited due to a statewide burn-ban, so in the evening we all gathered around the picnic table for tall tales and spirited libations.




Now that we are back to reality and the stresses of life are beginning to once again weigh heavy on the heart; a deep breath and memories of our visit to Lake Lowndes State Park brings us back to where we need to be….at peace.

Until next time campers……



2 thoughts on “The Autumn Leaves

  1. Singing with my sisters the song Autumn Leaves is one of my sweetest memories. And yes, Susan always tested up! Thank you, Cousin Susan , for reminding me of that long-ago ritual that was so dear to us all….Jo Miller Orr


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