It’s May in Mississippi….usually the summer heat is creeping up on us ’bout now.  The TSC decided back in February we needed another gathering before the real dog-days are upon us.  We all checked calendars and set the date!

The hubs and I counted down the days.  Sometimes the responsibilities of life weigh us down and make us forget the real joys of life.  Those can be found in spending time with good friends and loved ones, and we were about to get filled to the rim with lots of joy.

Remember what I said about May in Mississippi.  Well, Mother Nature got confused and thought we were still in April.  The weekend outlook called for clear skies and cool temps.   Let’s get rolling.

Two of us couples convoyed up the Natchez Trace and made a couple of stops along the way to take in the sites.  Final destination – Tishomingo State Park in the northeast corner of the state….a first for the group.


As we pulled into the park, our comrades were waiting for us, and not empty handed!  A couple of shots of tequila later, the weekend had officially started.  I don’t think I have laughed that hard in years….catching up on things that have happened in the last few months and taking a few trips down memory lane.


Some gathered around the fire and a couple took off in kayaks.  That’s whats great about the group….do whatever strikes ya and everyone loves ya just the same.  After several more shots and a dinner of hot dogs (it is camping after all) AND several apologies to the neighboring campers, we hit the hay.

Tish 6

The morning came with the smell of etouffee preparations….my mouth was watering already.   We are the “Traveling Supper Club” after all and food is a big part of what we do.  For some reason though, my camera didn’t find it’s way to my hand as much as usual over the weekend.  I guess I was too busy holding a shot glass instead.  We do have plans for a TSC cookbook in the future and all of the outstanding meals that we have served will be featured.  Lots of great recipes to share!


There were a couple of new adventures facing the group this particular weekend.  We took a canoe trip down Bear Creek….saw some amazing sites and also some interesting local folks if you get my drift.  I also took a spill in the lake in John’s kayak….the first time it had ever been turned over.  Oh well, there is a first time for everything and it wasn’t my fault….blame the tequila!

Tish 15

We ventured outside the park to the Bolding Farm, my long-time friends place about 20 minutes away and had some great fellowship and fine food.  There is nothing that a good dose of those two things won’t heal.  The weight of everyday life had been lifted and the joy had returned.

Tish 22

This group of folks are some of the best around and I’m so glad we found each other through our love of food and need for adventure.  The hubs and I were lucky enough to leave the group for a few extra days of camping adventures, but enjoyed reminiscing about the recent days spent with the Traveling Supper Club.