Hitting the road….

I don’t think there is a soul who doesn’t like to eat….not anyone I have met anyway.  Food brings us together…it unites us, and even becomes something a bit primeval.  If you add a campfire, a few cocktails, and some great stories; the ceremony of eating together as a group becomes something really special.

We started the Traveling Supper Club about a year ago.  A couple of friends had recently retired and bought a camper, although they were seasoned campers from years traveling with their kids.  My man and I have been roaming the roads for about two years in our little 17-footer, so we all decided to gather together on our adventures.  Let’s just say that after many laughs, incredible meals and various others joining us to become members of the TSC, we all agree that the adventure is just beginning.

So when we hit the road from now on, we plan to share our recipes, some bird watching notes, photos, art we have created; share all of our adventures with the hopes of encouraging others to “take their friendship on the road.”  It will keep you young, happy….and well fed!

1 Happy Camper


One thought on “Hitting the road….

  1. Hi Kim, Sounds like a great time! Ed and I love to camp! Me, more than Ed! My step-son shared a little secret to keep ants out of the camper. Sprinkle Comet cleanser around anything that is touching the ground that ants can enter on! It works! And smells better than spray! Give John my love! Dell


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