Smokies in the Fall

We hadn’t been with our group in quite some time.  Loss of a parent, illness in the family and all sorts of other yucky stuff had taken precedent over fun, I’m sorry to say.  We were so looking forward to heading out with our tribe for some much needed “away” time.  Sadly though, we had no one to watch our fur-babies, so for better or for worse, they would be coming along for the trip.

Our camper is pretty small…on a good day the hubs and I are shoulder to shoulder most of the time.  You throw three balls of energy and hair into the mix and things got a bit “hairy”!  They are great dogs though and for the most part pretty well-behaved.

We joined our friends the Whitt’s along the road in early November and traveled to our destination of Desoto State Park in Alabama.  Let’s just say that getting to a destination you are unfamiliar with after dark down long, winding roads is a bit challenging.  The weather was misty and foggy which didn’t help. We finally found our spots and settled in for the evening.

The next day was just beautiful, and the trees were singing our song!  We had a great breakfast and hit the road for some adventures.

We stayed at Desoto for a couple of nights then headed on to our next destination of Gatlinburg to see our friends Dave & Linda.  They lost everything in the fires and were in the process of starting over.  We just wanted to give them lots of love and hugs for what they had been through.

Mother Nature wasn’t very good to us as the trip progressed.  Rain, rain and more rain….which when you have dogs is not a good thing.  They were unable to stay outside, and remember what I said about the camper?  Well, space was tight.  We did spend one day out roaming with our friends and saw some beautiful sights.

Our second night in G’burg we lost power on our camper and I need to mention that the temperature had dropped about 30 degrees.  We looked at each other early on the second morning in G’burg and said….”let’s go home.”  We decided to spend the rest of our time at The Homestead on a staycation….which was fine with us.

Until next time the TSC hits the road….February 2018 at Roosevelt!



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